Suicide Bomber Kills Half Ton In Yemen

March 18, 2023 8:40 am0 commentsViews: 88

About half ton people have been killed and dozens others wounded after a disguise suicide bomber as a disabled man blew himself in southern Yemen.

ISIS has taken credit of the attack disclosing the name of the attacker along with publishing a photographer in which he is seen smiling with a rifle and wearing an explosive vest.

Earlier this week one another similar attack killed scores of security forces near the same military base in Aden.

Yemen is currently suffering a conflict where the rebels have seized the capital city Sana aligned with Iran and called as Houthis.

The country is split into two and Houthis has control in the northwest part while the government holds the south and east.

The fresh attack took place when Yemeni security forces in hundreds crowded outside the home of Nasser al-Anbouri, who is the commander of the Special Security Forces. The soldiers hoped to get their salaries.

The suicide bomber was in army uniform and disguised as disabled. He detonated the explosive infiltrating the crowd.

Yemeni Health Ministry said 48 people were killed and 84 were wounded in Sunday’s attack.


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