The Rock Band VR, Virtual Reality Game, Announced Launching In March 2016

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The Rock Band VR has been announced. It is expected to debut by March next year and to cost about $1,500 including the price of computer required to run the VR experience.

The Rock Band VR, Virtual Reality Game, Announced Launching In March 2016

The virtual reality game comes from the partnership of Harmonix and Oculus, the company that was bought by Facebook last year for $2 billion.

The co-founder of Oculus VR took to stage Thursday at the Game Awards ceremony in Los Angeles to announce the game but without mentioning any detail with the eager fans.

With the partnership with Oculus, Harmonix now joins with Hulu, Netflix and other similar companies, and also with game makers like Ubisoft and Sega.

With the Oculus Rift headset it will be almost impossible to differentiate between computer-generated world with the one user is actually in.

However, the hype is intense and experts believe the upcoming devices will be sold in tens of millions of units in the next few years.

Co-founder of Oculus VR, Palmer Luckey, earlier this week teased on Twitter a big announcement is coming across and with immediate effect tech word started guessing about the launch of its high-end product, the Rift headset.

Earier this year Oculus released entry-level Gear VR for $99 and it works with Samsung smartphones. The final design of it is of course the Rift.

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