Uber To Invest In Its Own Maps

March 16, 2023 10:18 am2 commentsViews: 101

Uber is learned to be investing $500 million in maps to remove its dependence on Google Maps and pave way for the development of driverless cars.

Uber To Invest In Its Own Maps

Former head of Google maps, Brian McClendon, said Uber introduced mapping cars in United States in 2015 and recently in Mexico amid plans of starting the same in other countries too.

McClendon was earlier hired by the ride-hailing company. He added, “Accurate maps are at the heart of our service and the backbone of our business.”

This is the reason new maps for the company is required as expansion into new markets is on the card. As of now Google Maps is used in its system.

Earlier Google was one of the investors to the company, but Uber insisted to move ahead independently in the development of technologies including that of self-driving cars.

In the current app Uber use some of its own technologies. Besides, the company has also acquired the Bing Maps of Microsoft.

According to McClendon, the maps currently used is a good starting point for Uber, but some of the information in it is not very much relevant to the company.

It is obvious Uber and other ride-sharing companies cannot depend too much on Google Maps or Bing Maps in the long run as their businesses are baed on it. Share your views too with fellow readers in the below given comment box.


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