US planning to send economic relief to Venezuela

April 21, 2023 8:06 pm51 commentsViews: 89

Following failed attempt to send humanitarian aid that includes food and medicine the Trump administration is now getting ready to supply economic relief package to people in Venezuela. It is learned United States will be in position to directly hand out dollars into the hands of Venezuelan, but only in the event when President Nicolas Maduro is toppled.

Director of the White House’s National Economic Council, Larry Kudlow, said Wednesday the plan is to make Maduro step down and allow opposition leader Juan Guaido to takeover the presidential office.

Earlier this year Guaido self-declared himself as the president of Venezuela and several countries included US recognized him as such.

The plans for aid package for Venezuelan comes following development of Trump administration to cut aid to El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and couple of other countries as the nations have failed to stop people migrating to US.

Trump meanwhile has also threatened to cut funding for Puerto Rico, which is a territory of United States and was earlier hit by hurricane.

Kudlow said, “We have a lot of plans to revitalize the Venezuelan economy and to move very rapidly… It would be a rescue plan. It would be a restructuring plan.”

For past couple of years Venezuela has been hit by hyperinflation and it has led millions of people to flee.

US is yet to give details about the timeline of latest plan to send economic relief to people in Venezuela.


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