What is Pop Culture Tattoo

May 24, 2018 11:55 pm10 commentsViews: 353

Pop culture tattoos range from tattoos of celebrities to movie and television characters and symbols. Star Wars tattoos are incredibly popular, as are tattoos of characters from shows like the Simpsons and Family Guy. Nerd tattoos are a way for people to show an extreme liking of a certain aspect of pop culture, whether it’s the rebel insignia from the original Star Wars Trilogy or a tattoo of Dr. Gregory House.

Although geek tattoos may appeal only to those who understand the mindset and cultural attitude from which they come, those who have them and those who can get the meaning behind them are able to appreciate the value and significance of a geek tattoo. The person who sports a nerd tattoo and the person who views one may have a very different take on the tattoo itself, but as with any art form, geek tattoos are a personal and sometimes humorous form of self-expression.

Individuals interested in geeky tattoos should read up on White Ink Tattoos, another popular trend. Learning how to Choose a Font for a Tattoo and Choose the Best Tattoo Design are important considerations when getting a geek tattoo.


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