Why Trump wants to withdraw US troops from Syria

December 20, 2018 9:11 pm0 commentsViews: 56

The sudden decision of United States President Donald Trump to withdraw the 2,000 troops from Syria in next couple of months reminds this is not an ordinary time amid pressure from Congress to handle key foreign policy challenges like that of Saudi Arabia and Russia.

Trump has played a trick and reasserted his power at home. He is trying to limit US power abroad.

However, there is not explanation to the move of Trump and the timing. It is not simple to rationalize his decision. Some points out he has been influenced by last week’s telephonic discussion with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and others are arguing he is using it as a distraction from legal troubles at home. There is a third theory too. It is being said a grand deal in Syria is being worked out and the president has sold out the Kurdish partners.

Keeping aside all such speculations it is believed Trump does not see any strategic of financial value in stationing 2,000 US troop in northern Syria.

This year in March too he talked about pulling out US soldiers from Syria soon. The State Department and Pentagon then tried to convince Trump to keep the US troops in Syria.

In April Trump asked the military to finish up the work against IS in six months time period.

More to all these, the last IS-controlled urban area was captured by US-backed Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces.

So, after the capture of town of Hajin the president believes it is the right time to withdraw US troops from Syria.


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