Will Bolt Be Placed In Pele, Phelps Bracket In Sporting History

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Usain Bolt is the fastest man on Earth and lately he too admitted his remarkable Olympic career will be remembered forever as one of the greatest athletes who have ever lived.

Will Bolt Be Placed In Pele, Phelps Bracket In Sporting History

On Friday he won the men’s 200 meters at Olympic Stadium beating Andre De Grasse and Christophe Lemaitre in 19.78 seconds. Following the great moment Bolt said he was honored similar to the great sporting icons Muhammad Ali and Pele, and Olympic swimming superstar Michael Phelps.

He added would see after the Rio 2016 Olympic Games whether people put him in the same bracket and also what the media writes about him the next day.

Undoubtedly the Jamaican is lately considered as one of the undisputed stars of modern Olympics Games and he is believed to be no less than the great swimmer Michael Phelps, who has won 23 Olympic golds in his career and has announced to be retiring after the Rio Games.

Asked how he compared himself with Phelp he said, “We do totally different events. You have to leave it up to the mediators and all the press people… We are great in our own different fields.”

Bolt added he has proven he is the greatest with 8 golds and now leave on public opinion to determine his place in sports history.

Lets share some suggestions whether Bolt will be placed in the same bracket as Pele, Muhammad Ali and Michael Phelps in sports history. Use the below given comment box for your views. How to Create Blogger Sitemap .


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